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When fishing in Denmark you must have a fishing lisence.
Purchase the mandatory fishing lisence
Please note most streams will requiere a day-lisence as well.

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Info about fishing at Kobbelskov

With rocky reefs and canal outlets, seaweed belts and sandy bottoms with pebbles, this place is close to ideal when fishing for sea trout at Stevns, all year round. Both as a fly fisherman and a spinner fisherman you can catch fish here. In the summer, the reefs are best fished morning and evening, but in the cold months you can find fish around the clock. The sea trout are usually often close to land during the mentioned periods, but can also be caught further out. The reefs can be found by walking approx. 200-300 meters north of the parking lot at Kobbelskovvej.

Weather conditions at Kobbelskov

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