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When fishing in Denmark you must have a fishing lisence.
Purchase the mandatory fishing lisence
Please note most streams will requiere a day-lisence as well.

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Info about fishing at Hverringe

Hverringe forest is a place with many possibilities. You have a long distance to fish both to the right and left after the parking in the sharp turn in the forest. Just below the car park you meet a narrow bathtub close to land and then a dark belt some distance further out. The dark belt extends far to both sides. If you fish towards Stavre, you will at the end of the forest come to a more varied bottom and the seaweed belt now comes very close to land. If you are fishing towards Kerteminde, the stretch may seem sandy, but be aware of the many continuous seaweed belts. The trip can be long, but all the way to Kerteminde you have good fishing.

Weather conditions at Hverringe

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