Gniben - Sjælands odde


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When fishing in Denmark you must have a fishing lisence.
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Please note most streams will requiere a day-lisence as well.

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Info about fishing at Gniben - Sjælands odde

A fishing spot with strong current and good water flow is always a magnet in the hot months, when places of this type will be more oxygen-rich. Current filled water holds on to many food items that are taken with the current and thus attract the predatory fish. Current water can be good all year round and especially in combination with reefs, decorations and banks. Fishing is typically done 1 hour before and after the water change. There are a number of bladder wrack belts, large stones that will often hold trout. The fish often appear on the surface when they are on the move or come in to hunt sandeel, shrimp and seaweed fleas. Night fishing is also an option in the hot months. You will also be lucky enough to come across mackerel and cod during the summer months.

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